VPM runs Vision Children’s Home/Orphanage. This is a small orphanage with current capacity of only 20 beds and can only accommodate 10 boys and 10 girls at any given time. Our social workers get crying orphans and street children from the dumpsite to our orphanage for rescue. 

Children housed at our orphanage are those who formerly lived and scavenged for food from the Korogocho dumpsite. Some of their parents died in crime related activities, HIV/AIDS or ran away leaving them neglected because of economic crisis and are forced to fend for themselves are a very early age.

However, since the orphanage is small, we rely on sponsors whom we invite to adopt a child for sponsorship and is taken up in a Christian family for foster care

In our orphanage facility, we always have 22 children waiting on sponsors before they are absorbed into foster homes because our orphanage capacity can admit 22 children only.

VPM needs financial support to run the orphanage. The care and treatment of the children at our orphanage are holistic. We do more than just provide a child a bed and food. By providing holistic quality education from basic, secondary, and postsecondary levels, we give hope to abandoned children. Regardless of their problems, we ensure that our children receive free medical treatment and have healthy lives. We are committed to taking care of each child, providing them with love and instilling a hope for a future in them.

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