Vision Missionary Church is the backbone of gospel evangelism to the residents of Korogocho slums. Our mandatory goal of our services at VPM is to present Jesus Christ as Lord and savior of all human kind and everything that we do, we do in the name of Jesus Christ as our guiding principle. We thank God as a team of “Vision” serving the lord in Korogocho for his faithfulness and gracious manifestation to our ministries to all the needy of Korogocho.

Our church remains alive and vibrant to all corners of Korogocho slums under the leadership of Bishop Franklyn Otwoma and the church council. 

At Vision Church, we conduct Sunday services, bible school and prayer groups in weekdays. Most of our new converts are from muslim community from our neighborhood and the drunkards of Korogocho through our sevices by VPM projects that we provide them in Jesus’ name. The staff of VPM and their families makeup nuclear members of the church. Korogocho has a lot of spiritual warfare from the African cultic Legio Maria and poverty stricken believers who keep backsliding because of life desperation and social economic turbulence facing them. Many people give their lives to Christ each Sunday and others through home fellowships during weekdays, but again the numbers that backslide during the week is very discouraging. The main problem facing young Christians in Korogocho is to hold on to Jesus and keep standing in faith in the midst of poverty and lack of basic needs.

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