Our school is called “Haven” primary school because of its impact nature of rescue or comfort centre for the children from the Korogocho dumpsite by our social workers and brought to school. Through much counselling, we manage to get some of them to our school for education and character change. The school is blessed with well trained teachers who impart knowledge and character reformation to every child who comes to our school.

The Haven Primary School was the first project to be started by VPM in 1993. The school is running well, with all classes ongoing as per the Kenyan school’s curriculum and as per the Ministry of Health and COVID 19 safety guidelines. All teachers and children now wear masks, sanitized/washed their hands and kept a social distance every time as the directive from the ministry of health.

We thank God from delivering African Nations, from the hands of death in our millions as victims of COVID 19 pandemic. It was only as God’s protection. This is because African Nations, Kenya included, don’t have the capacity to contain pandemic virus that seemed difficult to the western world.

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