We all know how important it is to be in good health and well- being. That’s why our goal as VPM is to ensure that everyone has health coverage and access to safe and effective medicines. VPM runs a Christian Health Medical Centre in Korogocho called Vision Peoples in Mission Medical Centre. This is a small medical health facility with a ward capacity of 8 beds, a maternity ward, a lab, a pharmacy, doctor’s room and treatment room. Our medical centre consistently offers inpatient and outpatient services to the needy. On average, we attend to 200 patients every day. Some of the patients with complicated ailments are referred to Kenyatta National Hospital for further patient management. Most poor people of Korogocho all get treated at our facility for free because they cannot afford the fees while they are sick needing medical attention. Those who can pay are charged some fees to help buy medical supplies. VPM medical centre has largely continued to offer both curative and preventative health services. 

Most prevalent diseases VPM offers treatments to include; malaria, pneumonia, asthma, skin diseases, meningitis, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), wound cuts caused by mugging in Korogocho streets. The VPM clinic faces a shortage of supply of medicine. We invite our supporters to help VPM stabilize our minimal free medical service to the poor children who cannot afford our very small charges.


VPM needs financial support to cover cost of medical supplies and medicine to use on charitable medical services VPM offers to many patients in Korogocho.

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