In Korogocho slums, the most serious cases of children who really need education find their way to our Haven School with the help of assessment by VPM social workers. Our feeding programme (porridge at breaktime & a main meal at lunch time) helps our children gain more energy to concentrate in class. Thanks to a few donors who sacrifice to feed the poor hungry children of Korogocho who come to learn at our school on empty stomachs.

This is the main meal most of the children depend on as there is no other meals they get either in their homes or where they live with relatives within Korogocho slums.

Haven School’s children reside from very poor families around the Korogocho slum and beyond. Majority of our children have no food at home, and are therefore very motivated to come to school to learn and also get a plate of food. Please support our school feeding programme to feed a hungry poor soul at our school for the number of children has increased but the ratio of food did not due to lack of funds.

Our meals at school are the only meals many children in our school live on because they cannot get any other meal anywhere unless they go to Korogocho dumpsite to scavange.

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