As you present VPM to the throne of God’s grace please remember also to pray for:-

  1. The needed funds to develop VPM Centre to permanent buildings.
  2. Brethren  to   take   on   child sponsorship to help several desperate and poor children in the slums of Korogocho.
  3. Medical supplies and medicines needed at our VPM medical centre to treat other poor God’s children who cannot afford medical bills.
  4. Haven Primary School – Feeding programme to the needy and hungry children yearning for education a tour Haven School.
  5. VPM needs more supporters for VPM staff salaries to help the helpers fulfil God’s call.
  6. We need supporters for the women pads project and bread for children project.
  7. Orphanage sponsorship of extra needed materials. We thank God for only one donor who is faithful and committed to support basic needs at the orphanage.
  8. We need donations of textbooks on all subjects for the proposed VPM library.
  9. VPM is looking for anyone with musical instruments apart from drums, for our talented youths to start Vision Band.