Short term Missionaries

Vision Missionary Church has a program short-term missionaries across Kenya to start work that will stand up later as VPM Centers similar to one in Korogocho. Please  invite  mission sending organizations  and churches  to join Vision Missionary Church work across Kenya  by sending visitors, short- term  missionaries  and even tourist  to visit Kenya  under the auspices  of Vision Missionary Church. This is a sure way to start new VPM Centers to other parts of Kenya . Our starting place is Maseno, where we intend to start VPM Centre for poor children in African villages. Land has already been donated. We have good houses at Maseno and Nairobi   with electricity and security ready for visitors / missionaries to occupy.  When Corona  pandemic  eventually  passes  over  us, may we help build strong army  of the Lord  in Kenya  as VPM and VMC  by you coming  and inviting  others to come.

Bishops Bourne in Maseno

VPM Medical Centre

Vision Peoples Medical Centre has had one of the busiest times in the COVID 19 pandemic period and still experiences high flow of patients seeking medical attention. This was brought about when government hospitals would test patients for COVID 19 as part of tests before treatment could be administered. When found to be COVID 19 positive, patients were forced into quarantine for 14 days without going back home for the fear of spreading the virus. This brought a lot of fear in the citizens by abrupt confinement from families testing positive for COVID 19. Therefore, most patients chose to go for health treatments to private/mission health institutions. VPM medical centre has largely continued to offer both curative and preventative health services. We still offer inpatient services in our small ward capacity of 8 beds, laboratory services and maternity including outpatient department.

Most prevalent diseases VPM offers treatments to include; malaria, pneumonia, asthma, skin diseases, meningitis, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), wound cuts caused by mugging in Korogocho streets. The VPM clinic faces a shortage of supply of medicine. We invite our supporters to help VPM stabilize our minimal free medical service to the poor children who cannot afford our very small charges.

The Vulnerable Women Pads project update

The Vulnerable Women Pads project – This has been a time bomb because it was undertones between women and girls in desperate need of pads and food for their children, but when it came out through VPM, we realized how heavy and real the problem was affecting women and mothers psychologically and economically a problem brought by effects of the COVID 19 pandemic.

The VPM volunteers reach out to the needy school girls who fail to attend classes for a week or so due to periods that come when they cannot afford to buy sanitary pads. These girls are invited to our church for seminars covering sex education, reproductive health, hygiene and family planning for the women. This helps to educate families on the number of children they can have and reproductive knowledge to the girls. VPM staffs are the teachers of these seminars before sanitary pads are distributed, bread and foodstuff for street children and mothers who are not a part of those who benefit with our daily feeding programme. There is an outcry from the poor families from the slums of Korogocho for more sanitary pads for girls and women as the numbers are growing each month beyond VPMs financial abilities. Street children too need more ½ a loaf of bread to put in their empty stomachs. We would like to appeal to all our supporters to stretch their merciful hands towards supporting the vulnerable women pads project and the Bread for children project of Korogocho.

When VPM started this project, we first distributed 148 pieces of sanitary pads but now every month, we distribute over 200 sanitary pads each month to the very needy women and girls and they are not enough. We also distribute 360 loaves of bread to the Bread for children project, to street children of Korogocho every week. The hunger at dumpsite of Korogocho where street children and families scavenged for valuables was brought by acute shortage of lorries to bring rubbish from hotels in town.
This is also another economic problem brought from top (the rich) to bottom (the poor) where Korogocho families benefited from the functions of hotels and other industries that stopped operating because of the COVID 19 pandemic because of the shortage of bread and foodstuff.

We are forced to let children share the bread for it to be enough. We reach out to the starving families and street children every week with; 50 kgs of sugar, 25kgs of rice, 36 pieces of bar soap, 50 kgs maize floor and 22 litres cooking oil.

Effects of COVID 19 Pandemic on VPM

COVID 19 virus hit VPM like an explosion as it did to many other organizations. It was a bomb to VPM because it stopped instantly VPM local incomes from rent that support salaries of the VPM staff. These rents come from tenants of both lucky summer and students of Maseno University. Tenants at lucky summer lost their jobs abruptly and could no longer be able to pay their monthly rents. On the other side, all universities in Kenya, including Maseno University, closed again abruptly thus students were released to leave university compounds in the efforts to fight COVID19. We quickly made all of VPM UK Trustees aware of the urgent predicament facing VPM due to the COVID 19 pandemic. We want to thank Mr William Ascough VPM UK Trustee and Mr Handley Hammond, VPM supporter for taking quick initiative to raise an urgent appeal for funds from UK supporters. This redeemed the situation for 2 months and we are back from where VPM were in need of VPM staff salaries. This is because our tenants of lucky summer have not yet recovered from the job losses, many lodging into different businesses to feed their families but cannot afford to pay monthly rent. These tenants are promising to pay VPM their rents once their economic situations improve because they are still occupying our houses.

Meanwhile VPM still lingers in trouble of losing all our local income that supported our running costs of salaries. Please VPM supporters, VPM staffs are counting on your support for their upkeep with our families during this difficult time of COVID 19 pandemic. We want also to thank all supporters who responded to the fundraising appeal to VPM by Mr William Ascough, VPM UK Trustee and Mr Handley Hammond of Epsom Baptist Church. We appreciate you all our beloved supporters so much for stretching your hands deeper to come to the help of the helpers at VPM. May the lord bless you and extend your boundaries that you never lack because of your gracious giving to VPM. We welcome more supporters; please remember VPM staff in your prayers they need a loving hands of friends around them.

COVID 19 Pandemic in Kenya

The whole world is currently going through difficult moments of the COVID 19 pandemic. It started in china and quickly spread to the rest of the world, every country counting deaths in thousands for victims of COVID 19. As the disease spread quickly in the western countries, a lot of fear engulfed among the African nations as the number of COVID 19 victims grew every day in the affected countries as various governments watched helplessly.

Here in Kenya, the ministry of health was always in the media warning citizens to change their ways, wash hands, wear masks, observe social distance and many people adopted the new rules from fear of the pandemic.

The  government  started  buying  more  land  for  mass graves, as more hospital branches were opened in preparedness for influx and COVID 19 patients. The immediate step  that  the  government took was abrupt closure of educational institutions on March 15th 2020 and a curfew placed on Nairobi and Mombasa cities, where a few numbers had been reported already. Dwellers of Nairobi and Mombasa were restricted to move beyond city borders and other populations outside could not enter Nairobi and Mombasa for a couple of months apart from foodstuff and parcels.

Again within Nairobi city there were some estates where COVID 19 pandemic number of patients seemed to grow steadily. Estates like Eastleigh, South B and C, where people of Somali origin dominate were more affected.

VPM closed down our school program in Korogocho on 24th March 2020. We retained the feeding program for the children who still depend on our feeding programme to survive in Korogocho.

The feeding program itself was strictly manned to control who are coming in for the food because the number of starving people kept swelling each day beyond what VPM can accommodate. All schools stopped altogether their sessions awaiting government directives. Schools have started to resume but the government plans to re-open in phases beginning with grade 4 and class 8.

Children in our Vision Children’s Home were locked in on the 24th March 2020, no one was allowed into the orphanage without proper reason and the kids restricted to get out. Any assignments by teachers were being given through the matron as the mediator between the children and the teachers as they continued with tuition privately.